5 Amazing Crafting and DIY Inspirations for Christmas

5 amazing crafting and DIY inspirations for Christmas

Your Christmas party is coming up and once again you have no idea how to please your Mother-in-law. It’s a fact, last year was a disaster, and your apologetic texts after spilling a bottle of wine on the turkey didn’t change anything. But fear not, Christmas traditions are all about creativity and having fun. What better way to wow your guests than with these 5 amazing Christmas crafting and DIY inspirations that your friends and family will love.

1. Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Credit: Little Things Bring Smile
Source: Little Things Bring Smile

Homemade ornaments are probably the best – unique, simple to make and quirky- especially if they are made by your children. We want to encourage you and the rest of the family (uncles, grandmas, pets) to gather up and get involved in making this DIY Christmas ornament! These fantastic little decorations are made using twigs which can then be decorated with buttons, white glitters, berries or even pine needles (take care not to prick your finger!). 

*Pairing tips for your Christmas tree: Accompany your wooden Christmas crafts with easy to make paper snowmen, and with a miniature reindeer made out of wine corks and fabric scraps.

Source: Easy Peasy and Fun
Credit: The Homeless Finch
Source: The Homeless Finch

2. Natural Christmas Wrapping

Source: Hedge in France

Keeping it simple when it comes to wrapping Christmas presents allows you to create eye-catching gifts. Forget about your traditional multicoloured material and start adopting brown craft paper and thick twine to up your game with a personal touch. Foraging festive branches such as pine or holly bush to adorn your gifts will help you achieve a modern look. Warning… these may look too good to unwrap!


3. Ingenious Pop out Christmas greeting cards

Image: Martha Stewart
Source: Martha Stewart

As your Christmas card opens, 3D shapes will pop out all over the place like magic! These cards are easier to make than they look. All you need is patience, scissors, glue, a fine brush, craft paper and a passion for geometry. Make sure you leave space for the greetings! There is nothing more genuine that sending your love through quality DIY greeting cards, as they are made with care. Tutorial to make own 3D card here.


4. Creative Christmas table settings 

Source: Paige Russell
Source: Paige Russell

Bring the fun for the kids with a festive and simple Christmas table setting. All you need is green napkins (or red, or white, or…whatever you like!) and some practice. This adorable Christmas tree napkin fold technique will keep you busy for a couple of minutes (hours?) spreading your creativity around the dinner table! Tutorial here.

A good alternative for crafters seeking more adventure with Christmas trees made of craft paper, toothpicks, tape and foil-wrapped sweeties! Find a great range of pastel, vintage, retro, floral, Christmas (and more) craft papers here.

Source: It All Started With Paint
Source: It All Started With Paint

*Pairing tips: Stunning 5 minute DIY Christmas candle holders. To decorate your table along with your Christmas tree napkins or crafts, they will never go out of style. All your need is pickle jars, floating candles, cranberries as well as pine tree branches. Voila!

Source: Today's Creative Life
Source: Today’s Creative Life

5. Christmas gift crafts

Source: That's What Che Said
Source: That’s What Che Said

Are your friends and family fed up with the exact same outdated gift bag for your presents? There is a solution. Take any bottle you wish (wine, gin, champagne, pretty much anything!) and an old woolly jumper to make one of these fantastic Christmassy jumpers for your bottle. All your need is half a sleeve of a jumper (per bottle), fancy ribbon, a sewing machine, thread and scissors. And you don’t have to be a ninja knitter to perfect your jumper totes! Find the tutorial here.

*Pairing tips: Offer your bottle with handmade crackers to start the party off with a pop! Make them with golden strings, toilet roll tubes, sticky tape, and spots/stars craft paper you can find here. Fill them with a joke, a sweet and a paper crown to show your family those crackers are definitely the best they’ve ever had!

Source: Brit+Co
Source: Brit+Co

Your Christmas tree, table, greeting cards and gifts look stunning. Now that you are ready to amaze your guests, put on your best Christmas jumper, your best smile and pretend you came up with all those crafting ideas by yourself. We wish you a Crafty Christmas here at Southfield Ltd!


Author: Bastien Pageot.

Bastien Pageot