An interview with Beth Wilson, Cat-Lover and creator of ‘DoodleCats’



Beth Wilson has now been a Southfield customer for a couple of years so we thought that we should bring to light who she is and how her quirky little kitties became so popular. 

Hi Beth! Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about what you do?

I’m Beth and I live in Portishead with my husband and three cats. I draw cats and put them on all sorts of products.

What were you main aspirations leading to the birth of your brand DoodleCats, and how did you develop your unique style?

I’ve always been creative and I thought I’d try combining my love of drawing with my love of cats. I put a few of my doodles on Facebook and had such a great reaction that it took off from there. My cats started out very simple with stick legs but have developed over the last five years into the Doodlecats you see today. I really enjoy their simple cartoony faces. It’s surprising how much character you can create with just a few lines. I have such fun coming up with silly things for the cats to do.

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What advice would you give to someone who wants to become and illustrator and make a career out of their art?

The first time I sold any Doodlecats products, I spent £20 on printing some greetings cards that I cut and folded myself and took them to a craft fair. You don’t need to start big. Go to a craft fair, put a few things on Etsy and see how that goes. Use Facebook – people’s reactions to your work are valuable and can help you choose which direction to take with your work. Experiment with different ideas and products.

-Creating for fun is very important to me.-



With over 270K Facebook followers and over 11k on Instagram, you are extremely popular! Why do you think people love your Doodle Cats so much?

Every time I see those numbers it still surprises me. I get lots of messages saying that I’ve brightened someone’s day with my work or made them laugh and it makes me so happy that my art can do that. I also think cat people are *very* enthusiastic about cats. Being a cat person myself means I know how to connect with other cat people.



Have you got any other creative projects inside the world of art?

I always have to be creating so when I’m not drawing cats I’m crocheting blankets, cushions and hats. It’s nice to have creative hobbies that don’t have the pressure of having to make things that will sell. Creating for fun is very important to me.



Product wise, we’ve seen that you have an online store. What kind of items do you sell, and do you think that selling a variety of products is important for artists?

I sell stationery, cards, jewellery and accessories. Having a variety means that there’s usually something for everyone. It’s important to not just have a range of different products but also a range of different priced products so that people of all incomes are able to purchase something.





Along with Pixie, Arty and Molly (Beth’s DoodleCats), what are your 3 favourite cats in the artistic world and why?

Pusheen is wonderful. Such a simple design but so cute.
Extra Ordinary Comics has a wonderful cat called Shoelace and they star in the cutest comic strip.
And of course Simon’s Cat who is a huge inspiration to me.

Thank you Beth!

Check out Beth’s site right here and her store here.




Author: Bastien Pageot