Eco-friendly stationery: Why should you go green?

Eco-Friendly Jotter | Flower illustration


As stationery personalisation isn’t limited to design, your choice of paper/material can play a major role in the way your artwork is perceived and appeals to your customers. Introducing recycled products such as eco jotters, recycled greeting cards or green scrapbooks to your range is a positive step towards helping to conserve the Earth’s natural resources.

It obviously does not mean that you should exclusively go green giving up on anything you’ve done so far. But it is more than worth looking into it, trying it and eventually adopting it. This article will give you the reasons you should consider eco-friendly recycled products and how it can be beneficial for your brand.


What is recycled paper printing?

To make it short, it is as simple as it sounds. Eco-friendly printing can consist of many mediums (inks, printing volumes, etc) but printing on recycled paper simply means that card paper stock is supplemented with recycled paper. Which for example can be old greeting cards or used craft papers that will be given a second life instead of being thrown away.


So why should I start printing my artwork on recycled products?


It’s good for your image

By becoming and ethical artist/business and adopting environmental products, you will show your customers that you also believe in recycling from renewable sources. Besides helping the environment, recycling will promote a clean, green image.


It’s -very- affordable

Best of all, you don’t need to spend too much to make your brand stand out with recycled stationery. Prices are reasonable and often just slightly higher than the usual price.


It Looks amazing

You are running out of ideas for your next custom prints? The natural dark beige & crafty appearance will make your product range more sophisticated. It’s best suited to dark coloured inks and works perfectly with pencil drawings. When your products add a ‘green touch’ to your display, your brand visually gains credibility. I mean, take a look at these beauties…


Eco-friendly notebook

Print your artwork on Eco Jotters here >

Eco-friendly notepads


It Differentiates you

The number of creative artists or businesses never stops rising. And that’s why standing out isn’t an easy game.

Eco-friendly printing isn’t a passing trend. It’s a change in philosophy defining a new age of responsibility. Going green will not only be appreciated by your customers, but it will also help you to shine amongst the competition.

Textured, thick and heavy; your eco-friendly stationery will feel great when your customers hold it in their hands. In fact, it will add a powerful yet natural touch to your greeting cards, notebooks, jotters and even business cards, for a professional look with an eco-friendly appeal.


Eco-friendly age cardsFind these recycled ‘age birthday cards’ here.


Author: Bastien Pageot

Bastien Pageot