See Kathleen Meaney’s Art Bringing Joy to the World.

Elephant Illustration

In today’s interview, we’re getting to know more about Kathleen Meaney, a highly creative artist making beautiful greetings cards and gifts. Kathleen’s giving us a guided tour behind the scenes of her unique business – The origins of her illustrations, the products, the inspiration and what the future of her business will be. We also get a look at her personal favourite designs & other gorgeous works she’s been creating over the years.


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Eco-friendly stationery: Why should you go green?

Eco-Friendly Jotter | Flower illustration


As stationery personalisation isn’t limited to design, your choice of paper/material can play a major role in the way your artwork is perceived and appeals to your customers. Introducing recycled products such as eco jotters, recycled greeting cards or green scrapbooks to your range is a positive step towards helping to conserve the Earth’s natural resources.

It obviously does not mean that you should exclusively go green giving up on anything you’ve done so far. But it is more than worth looking into it, trying it and eventually adopting it. This article will give you the reasons you should consider eco-friendly recycled products and how it can be beneficial for your brand.


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Bespoke Printing – 6 Reasons Why You Should Show Off Your Artwork on Cushions in 2017.

printed cushions

Many artists ask themselves a crucial question when it comes to cushion prints – What is the big deal with printed cushions? Besides many artists on Etsy, even big brands like John Lewis and H&M jumped into that trend. In fact, cushion cover prints can give a touch of creativity to any decor – indoor or outdoor, on the armchair, sofa or bed, they can show off any artwork in a way that brightens up the room itself. To sum up, these prints are always on display and can bring that sense of adventure to your customers in their living space.

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5 Fun and Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts & DIY Ideas You Need to See!

5 Fun and Easy Valentine’s Day crafts & DIY ideas you need to see! (1)

For this special day – associated with romantic love – most of us attempt to make up for what we’ve not done for the 364 other days of the year. Yes, the usual – last minute – bouquet of roses did the job for the past 5 years. But this year, you want to give something more sophisticated and heartfelt… after all it’s the thought that counts. In this article, we’ll help you find your unique way to say ‘I love you’ in 10 minutes or less with these craft ideas for Valentine’s Day.


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An interview with Beth Wilson, Cat-Lover and creator of ‘DoodleCats’



Beth Wilson has now been a Southfield customer for a couple of years so we thought that we should bring to light who she is and how her quirky little kitties became so popular. 

Hi Beth! Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about what you do?

I’m Beth and I live in Portishead with my husband and three cats. I draw cats and put them on all sorts of products.

What were you main aspirations leading to the birth of your brand DoodleCats, and how did you develop your unique style?

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Personalised Gifts: The 12 Best Custom Prints For Your Business

Personalised Gifts - Best Custom Prints - Business - Your customers

Are you a talented artist or photographer, and you feel that you could push your brand forward but you don’t really know where to start? Do you run an amazing gift shop or a charity, and you think that you could increase your profit with relevant images or artwork? Do you require expert advice on what custom prints or personalised gifts would be well suited to your industry? If you’ve happened to ask yourself these questions, this article is probably the best thing you came across today.

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This is What Perfect Winter Stationery Looks Like

Winter Stationery

Stationery lovers and addicts always seek the best way to stand out for the festive winter season. Sticking with the old faithful Santa motif just won’t cut it, as everybody knows that the big fella has become -a little- outdated! To fix that, this article will help you find out what Perfect Winter Stationery Looks Like.


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5 Amazing Crafting and DIY Inspirations for Christmas

5 amazing crafting and DIY inspirations for Christmas

Your Christmas party is coming up and once again you have no idea how to please your Mother-in-law. It’s a fact, last year was a disaster, and your apologetic texts after spilling a bottle of wine on the turkey didn’t change anything. But fear not, Christmas traditions are all about creativity and having fun. What better way to wow your guests than with these 5 amazing Christmas crafting and DIY inspirations that your friends and family will love.

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