Eco-friendly stationery: Why should you go green?

Eco-Friendly Jotter | Flower illustration


As stationery personalisation isn’t limited to design, your choice of paper/material can play a major role in the way your artwork is perceived and appeals to your customers. Introducing recycled products such as eco jotters, recycled greeting cards or green scrapbooks to your range is a positive step towards helping to conserve the Earth’s natural resources.

It obviously does not mean that you should exclusively go green giving up on anything you’ve done so far. But it is more than worth looking into it, trying it and eventually adopting it. This article will give you the reasons you should consider eco-friendly recycled products and how it can be beneficial for your brand.


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This is What Perfect Winter Stationery Looks Like

Winter Stationery

Stationery lovers and addicts always seek the best way to stand out for the festive winter season. Sticking with the old faithful Santa motif just won’t cut it, as everybody knows that the big fella has become -a little- outdated! To fix that, this article will help you find out what Perfect Winter Stationery Looks Like.


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