See Kathleen Meaney’s Art Bringing Joy to the World.

Elephant Illustration

In today’s interview, we’re getting to know more about Kathleen Meaney, a highly creative artist making beautiful greetings cards and gifts. Kathleen’s giving us a guided tour behind the scenes of her unique business – The origins of her illustrations, the products, the inspiration and what the future of her business will be. We also get a look at her personal favourite designs & other gorgeous works she’s been creating over the years.


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An interview with Beth Wilson, Cat-Lover and creator of ‘DoodleCats’



Beth Wilson has now been a Southfield customer for a couple of years so we thought that we should bring to light who she is and how her quirky little kitties became so popular. 

Hi Beth! Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about what you do?

I’m Beth and I live in Portishead with my husband and three cats. I draw cats and put them on all sorts of products.

What were you main aspirations leading to the birth of your brand DoodleCats, and how did you develop your unique style?

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Personalised Gifts: The 12 Best Custom Prints For Your Business

Personalised Gifts - Best Custom Prints - Business - Your customers

Are you a talented artist or photographer, and you feel that you could push your brand forward but you don’t really know where to start? Do you run an amazing gift shop or a charity, and you think that you could increase your profit with relevant images or artwork? Do you require expert advice on what custom prints or personalised gifts would be well suited to your industry? If you’ve happened to ask yourself these questions, this article is probably the best thing you came across today.

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